How to Combine Avi files

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eZineHow.Com - How to combine avi files - there are program called by HJSplit for combine 2 avi file. HJSplit is a good software. This software can be very good to split large files and divide it into several parts. This software can also merge files that split had become the original file intact.

Here we will explain the Combine Files With HJSplit way. Here's How:

1. Download HJSplit here first
HJSplit software can be used in a variety of operating systems (Windows, Linux, MAC OS, etc.).

2. Software HJSplit is no need to install. This software is a kind of portable software so to wear it immediately wrote his open HJSplit. Open HJSplit and click on the Join button on the initial interface HJSplit it will appear as below.

Cara Menggabungkan File

3. Make sure the file you want to join to be in one folder. Then click the Input File. Then find the file you want to join. Then open dialog will appear as shown below

Cara Menggabungkan File

4. File you want to merge must be in one file. Then find the file format .001. Then click the Open button. It will appear as below.

Cara Menggabungkan File

5. On the display as shown above, click the Start button then HJSplit software will process the file you want to join. Wait until 100%. After Progress show is 100% open dialog will appear as follows

Cara Menggabungkan File

And the file you wish to join, has now joined that is in the folder where the file was located shards. Combine files with HJSplit is very useful for the uploader who want to share or download large files.

By splitting the files into several parts, when you upload or download will be noticeably lighter because the file size is smaller, but is divided into several sections.

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